Everybody loves a Dodge vehicle. From its muscle car pedigree to the sound of the engine roaring, Dodge brings power to the table and has plenty left over. If you’re looking to bring one home today, then Dodge leases are certainly something to think about.

What is a Dodge Lease?

Many still misunderstand the difference between financing and leasing a vehicle, but we make it easy at Brown’s Sales and Leasing. Imagine a lease as a long-term rental. You make payments, however instead of paying the entire cost of the vehicle over time, you paying the depreciation accumulated on the car as you own it.

In most cases, that makes the lease payment lower than the payment would have been if you financed the car outright. At the end of the lease, you can decide to either keep the vehicle and pay the rest of it off or enter into a new lease with another car.

The perk is that leased cars are either brand-new or one model year behind. That means you’re constantly getting the best, most cutting-edge vehicles and features by leasing.

Let Us Manage the Hard Stuff

Give our Dodge and Chrysler car leasing experts a call today to get started leasing a Dodge vehicle. Our experienced personnel will ensure you get the best offer on the Dodge car that’s right for you.

With over-the-phone and in-person meetings available, you’ll be able to get your new car your way. We can’t wait to speak with you!